Steering arms, as used on performance Minis.

Steering arms, as used on performance Minis. Not to be mixed with steering various versions of steering rack.

Thanks to Wim Schermerhorn and Mark Forster for sorting this issue: turns out I’ve been running a wrong steering arm / rack combo which should explain the strange handling of the car!
Wim (who races a 970S) says:

” You definitely do not want Mk 1 arms and a Mk 2 steering rack. Specially in tight corners (< 15 meter radius) the inside wheel has far too much rub, this is due to over compensation of the Ackerman principle, which is even further aggravated when the car starts to roll. And these are your typically your tight low speed Cooper overtaking corners. In my opinion the best is to use the Mk 4 or the Mk 5 arms, visibly the same however the steering arm angle is less and the mounting height is less than the Mk 2 Cooper S. Theoretically this creates a little bit of bump steer in the straight ahead position, which is greatly off-set against the advantages in the corners.”

So now you know! Photo courtesy of Wim Schermerhorn.