Racing a nervous car - and we found why with one steering arm loose!

I’ve been waiting for this event for over a year – since becoming a father I’ve taken a break from racing due to the $$ going somewhere else than my racing budget. It was indeed rewarding to not only get to race, but to bring back a car as pretty as it was when I left.
The grids for the event was, as promised, huge, and the atmosphere at the track was fantastic. After a wet night in the tent I was a bit late for open practise (not as late as Ed – he was ready to go when the checkered flag waved..) and only got 3-4 laps in very wet conditions. The car didn’t feel very promising, so I raised the front ride height a bit, and prepped the car for a wet qual.

As I left the pits for my qualifying session it was dry, both the track and in the left inlet port on my engine. The H4 spat out a bolt from the bottom of the jet, and all the fuel went onto the track – the engine didn’t like this, so I resigned and went back to the paddock to try and trace the problem. Rescue came in the form of André Sæthern who was there running his beautiful 1071 S; he quickly analyzed and found the fix. Thanks André – I owe you one!!

So back out for the first race I started from the back with nil flying laps. The car was very erratic to steer, but otherwise felt good. So after a few laps to see that everything looked ok with my new motor, I put the pedal down gradually. There certainly was some elbow rust to get rid of as well! I managed to fight my way past a few cars, and at the flag I was 2nd in class, a mile behind Ed in the Ekorness Cooper S who was up battling the big boys. He was driving like a man on a mission, very impressive!

Sundays race promised a bit more, with the grid being ordered by position in saturdays race. The start was frantic, and during those first few laps I managed to sneak past Ed for fun as he fumbled a gear change. I managed to keep him at bay for about 1,5 laps before I gave him the same present back, and in a very short time he was gone. He was just too fast for me this weekend, so I need to up my ante as it were! I more or less kept my position, but changing gears was becoming increasingly difficult with a couple of hairy moments as a result. I kept my position to finish as I did in the first race.

Post race I found that the clutch was not working much, giving me an excuse for those horrid gear changes. I thought it was down to the fact that I’ve converted the car to RHD and an useless left arm, but hey – wasn’t just that.

Back at the shop we also found that the RH steering arm popped loose under load due to a dying hub – so I did in fact have 3-wheel steering under control, and 1 wheel on its own…

Anyway – a fantastic event organised by Norsk Sportsvogn klubb – I can’t wait for next year!