Season over, and another KARN Track Day. This time I got to take the Imp for a few laps. And I’m still smiling! This test has been long overdue, but anyway, I finally got to take “Pumpkin” for a spin. It’s been running well for two seasons now, except for a few minor issues.
With an engine rebuild due soon, Doc decided to let some of the non-believers have a spell behind the wheel at Rudskogen.

We unloaded amongst all the Italian Corsa Italiana machinery, and Doc took the car out for a session to see that it was still behaving. It was, so I jumped in the car for session two. After adjusting the belts, out I went among the odd cars out there.

The first impressions was that this was a racey engine. Under 5500 RPM it just huffs and puffs, but pass that magic RPM figure, and it starts singing along.

The brakes scared me – I’m IMPressed with Doc running it like this, as they gave very little feel, and didn’t really do anything until the foot was on the floor. But they seemed to work. Heel & toe was therefore near on IMPossible for my tall frame. The gearshift was also very crunchy, and that surprised me, as this was superb on the Singer I had for a while. The car is currently fitted with a spare 4-speed box, and this was not up to scratch compared to the 5-speed unit. So no worries there!

Anyway, the sound of that little engine was pure music. It revved and pulled, and just wanted to keep revving. Torque was much better than expected, and the chassis was even more chuckable than the Mini! I could even get it really sideways in power slides with the sticky Yoko 048s. Turn in, and balance in general was excellent. The only thing that needs work is handling over bumps, as it was a bit jumpy.