The Bevan replica Imp had a successful shakedown/debut, not so lucky with Pumpkin.Saturday morning started off bright and early. We’d already set up camp on friday evening, and done scrutineering without problems.

Practise - testing the narrow tires to compare. Photo: Unni Erland

We soon got George the Bevan replica out for a few installation laps. A few things emerged; the box we’d chosen didn’t have an LSD. This box was infact a borrowed item, since there were some issues with the one we were supposed to use. Apart from that, the car seemed ok. So out we went again for another free practise session. The rev counter (the 2nd one we tried) didn’t work, and neither did the water temp gauge, so I toddled around for a few laps, and parked back in the paddock.

Doc wasn’t soo lucky; he was cruising around, we were both just putting a few miles on the new engines, and suddenly his sixth sense kicked in as he felt something amiss with the engine. We tried turning it, and everything seemed ok. Pressures and temps were perfect – but for safetys sake we did a compression test – and this wasn’t approved. With such a tight schedule, we decided to leave it at that, and check it back at the shop.

Back to George, we borrowed the rev counter and temp gauge from Pumpkin, and with some plumbing work we got them installed and working. We also stiffened up the shocks, and decided to try the narrower yokohama tires for the timed session just for comparison. I cruised through qual, indeed we were firm that we were going to go easy just to make sure everything was working this weekend. The narrower tires made the car easier to drive, but the grip was definitely less.

The gearbox ratios were also way off; they were the same as used when Bill McGovern was clocked at 138mph at Silverstone way back when, and with Rudskogen being a nice mickey-mouse track, this setup was lame & useless. We knew this, but we wanted track time.

Without further issues, we were ready for the race. The plan was simple; go EASY. We fitted the fat tires back on, and out we went.
No heroics at the start; none available anyway with those gear ratios. I cruised along with the field, getting a feel for the car. After a few laps, I tried pushing a little bit, and everything feels absolutely fantastic. The last couple of laps the brake pedal went soft, so I had to pump it and go easy; still I managed to sneak past a few cars. We were surprised at the laptime (2nd best in class); it wasn’t good, but it was surprisingly quick considering everything, and I never had a clean lap, so it was set in traffic, with useless gear ratios, a soft brake pedal and using max 8000 RPM. So we’re quietly confident; this car will be quick indeed when sorted!

We’ve got a reasonable to-do list before the last race of the season in two weeks, and then we’ll let George Blue out of his cage:)