Building it from scratch - the donor car an untouched Mk2

Doc’s orange/white Imp failed it’s HTP because it was based on a Mk1 Imp shell. So, a transplant is on it’s way. As avid readers of know, we’ve had our challenges getting the Imps FIA approved. Doc’s original “Pumpkin” Imp was based on an ex-race shell with genuine history. Unfortunately the shell was too old. Differences in door locking mechanism and other major issues forced a major rethink. So the Ex-Sverre Mk2 Imp is now being built to the same specs as the McGovern/Bevan replica, and it will get all it’s kit from Pumpkin.

Doc has been busy, and the excellent shell is now fitted with correct Mk2 spats, and is almost ready for paint. Color? Let’s say it will be visible on-track :)

We’re heading off to the UK in a fortnight for the Autosport International, but mainly to pick up/dropp off various Imp parts.

Our target is to have two Imps ready for the first race of 2011.