Beautiful tuning stuff galore at the Autosport International. Doc found the right color, but there were no elephants on it.

Finally, after what seems like Aeons, we found time for an epic roadtrip to charge our macho-batteries. Destination: UK Objective: Boy stuff. Doc, Ed and I jumped in Mrs. Doc’s wagon, stuffed it with parts destined for the UK, and headed off entusiastically. The ferry crossing from Esbjerg to Harwich was grand as usual. They have a proper restaurant there!

Having slept the party off, we crisscrossed central England for a few days, starting at the Autosport International where we found that Things Were Better In The Old Days As Expected. However, the show was very good this year, with a rather good selection of historic racers, and an excellent engineering hall.
We dropped of stuff at Reg Patten, collected stuff at Reg Patten, Dave Weedon, Alfaholics (drool.), as well as various stunts for some nice Jaguar carpentry and a few Swift Mini bits.

Needless to say, we did our best to avoid starvation and dehydration as required. We got a few kicks out of English hotels, pondered why people aren’t falling off the cliffs of Dover out of sheer overpopulation, waved back at angry road owners, experienced the White Van Phenomenon, spent a few hours drooling and Ah’ing at Duxford, and lot of other goodies before we grabbed the ferry and yet another gastronomic adventure on the way home.

Imp and Alfa plans are on target, and we got the scent of blood. Can’t wait for the season to start!