Well, it was a tall order – but Doc’s car isn’t quite complete. He injured his back being a granddad, which slowed progress somewhat. It’s very close though!

The new engine for the blue Imp has also been delayed from the UK, we’re expecting it to arrive any day now. But the GOOD NEWS is that the blue Imp has made it to the Sarpsborg department – it’s sitting pretty in my own garage!

Fiona and George the Imp - outside daddy's garage

It took me almost 10 years living here before I finally have a roof over my head to work on my cars.  A couple of small things are still missing from my garage – electricity among other things, but that’ll get sorted soon. Meanwhile I’ll use a couple of extension cables.

I’ve got a list of small things to be done on George the blue Imp as well; changing springs, pads, engine, clutch pump, gear selector mechanism, water temp gauge…and probably some other stuff.

Trouble is, my daily driver Peugeot 306 GTI failed it’s MOT miserably. It needs new brakes, shocks, springs all round. Parts arrived today. Hooray!