Summer’s all over, and the season hasn’t really turned out as we hoped, has it? No racing so far…the closest we’ve gotten is a track day where we spent a rainy afternoon lapping in Doc’s Renault Clio Sport to learn the new Rudskogen track. The track is thrilling – it’s got plenty of elevation, it’s longer, safer and more exciting. Especially the new forrest part of the track where you exit from a long corner onto a downhill straight which drops off dramatically after a while into a double-apex open bend. This part has already been dubbed “Angstkurve” by track designer Hermann Tilke.

I was very impressed with the track on foot – it looked quite extreme in areas. But from inside the car it is still quite slow, apart from the two straights. But it has some lovely, challenging corners, camber and elevation changes. Apparently the drop on the straight to the angstkurve is 44 metres! A real headache for setup, rythm and a wee bit intimidating to get a proper lap in. Excellent passing opportunities, but still very much a RWD power track.

The Imps are progressing. The yellow car has been ready and waiting for it’s HTP since early june, and we finally got the engine from the UK for the blue car a coupe of weeks ago, and fitted it yesterday. We did have some clutch issues on both cars, and this seems to be resolved now. We had to figure everything out for ourselves as various inquiries and forum posts didn’t expose any cures. Keeping fingers crossed!

We are currently hoping to run the Classic & Sportscar Meeting in a forthnight – unless we run into something major.