Our all-time favourite racing event has been the Classic and Sportscar Meeting. For 7 years, this event has been hosted by NSK – the Norwegian Sportscar Club – in a way so far above anything else I’ve experienced. The atmosphere has been overwhelmingly pleasant, the organizing spotless; no matter how much thunder, rain and lightning has been thrown at the people behind this event, they’ve always replied with a smile. Sadly, it is now a thing of the past, even if it will live on as an event without racing.

Racing at the NSK Classic & Sportscar Meeting

Utterly professional, social and enjoyable. Incredible food, incredible racing. Huge grids. All handled by a handful dedicated enthusiasts in a very competent way. Unfortunately, the event has not been the economic success we all hoped it would be, and the hurdles that needed climbing have grown too tall.

I have been lucky enough to have experienced this event a few times, and was very much looking forward to it next year. For me, racing in Norway just lost it’s sparkle. The other national races cannot hold a candle to the CSM. The Goodood Revival of Norway if you like.

It’s back to the future for us, as it’s more likely we’ll head out to our neighbouring countries for racing again. But we can always hope for a resurrection one day.

Thanks to all you magicians who have made this happen.This is one for the history books.