The shell has arrived

Straying from the Small Historic Automobile theme for a moment – and bringing in a race project that still beats a modern VW Golf by 200 kgs. Doc really found a soft spot when he got his first Mk2 jag, and not content with his road going example, he got one that is destined to become a proper FIA-racer.

We’ve drooled at the antics of Mr Grant Williams behind the wheel of his Coombs-version at Goodwood. The car looks a hoot to drive, Grant makes it seem easy to recover from angles that would leave Mr Pythagoras scratching his head furiously. It is still a stunning car to behold and listen to, and the temptation to try one sans insulation at full bore on Dunlop CR65s is hard to overcome.

Our basic research this far indicates that the job of making a racer out of it is quite straightforward, the end result is close to standard, and can be done on a low budget compared to other period racers. It will not be a winning car, naturally, otherwise the FIA series would be swamped with them. But still…

The shell is perfect – it’s stripped down, repaired and primed – ready for race prep.

We’ve got the basics covered, and are just looking through the homologation papers before work commences. Our idea is to keep it road legal.
Doc will do some work on it, but for once there are other enthusiasts that will contribute. We are, of course, building the Alfa GTA as well…