George the Bevan Tribute Imp shines in my basement

George the Imp is back in my garage, courtesy of Ole Larsen who was “taking the trip with a closed trailer anyway”. Coming home from work, I found it parked in my driveway and I realized just how much I’ve missed it! I had to throw out a truckload of tables, shelves, carboard and other household cast-offs to make way for George, and the first task was to give it a proper clean inside and out. Some new tools have been bought to make life more comfortable, and I picked up a few new parts in the UK. A new battery which Doc’s made a new frame for, and most importantly a Tilton brake-balance adjuster for the AP twin-pump setup. I can’t stand the AP one I’ve tried, as the wheel was springy and unprecise. The Tilton item can be clicked to alter front-rear balance, and feels really solid.

Doc swapped the gear change mechanism as well as some dodgy instrumentation, and left me only cozy work in tidying up the plumbing and other tidbits. The next major undertaking is to get the car to a weighing station to see how far off we are – either way.