I even found time to fit the new class sponsor decals

The highlight of our season is approaching in leaps & bounds. Fortunately the new Imp only needed slight attention after it’s debut. We aim to do a few setup changes, but nothing major. The one major issue we had to correct was that Doc never got the full power punch – upon investigation we found that the throttle stopper beneath the pedal was too tall, so no matter how much we tweaked the cable and linkage, we never got more than about 75% full throttle. Will be interesting to see how much that changes things. Additionally, Doc has plans on swapping the ratios to better suit the larger wheels.

Instead of picking lint off his jacket, he then went about building cargo-holds on our truck to better secure all the rattly tools we bring to races.

Our blue racer – the Bevan tribute car, has been more or less ready. I finally found some time and motivation (fuelled by the good run at Våler) to get the last small things sorted. This involved fitting a new battery + custom frame plus tidying up some plumbing and wiring. I cranked the engine for the first time in nearly 8 months, and got instant oil pressure. The HT cable went back on, some coolant went in,  a couple of loud-pedal pumps to prime the Webers, and it roared to life. I didn’t even have to charge the battery which I bought at Race Retro…

Rocket Science tools needed!

I was also rather pleased to find that the clutch was still there! It needs a touch of adjustment to start grabbing a bit sooner.
In the end I even had time to fit the new class-sponsor decals and do some dust-wiping.

Doc will continue running the Avon ACB10s, I’ll stick to the Yokohamas for the time being, and until I feel comfortable with the car. I might get a chance to do a back-to-back test during Friday practice. We’ll also need to get the brake balance sorted, and drop some weight in the cars. A few Kgs are good and safe ones: we plan to fit a 2nd door bar to the cage, as well as bars going across beneath the dash and also as low as possible on the main hoop. Another option is to fit on-board fire extinguishers.

So it’s all looking good for racing at Karlskoga in a couple of weeks! I’ve got the itch now….