At the overnight rest in Ed, Sweden

Doc was invited by friend Terje Nilssen to do a round in the Norwegian Rally Challenge series – the Fredriksten Challenge – and was of course supposed to do this in an Imp. But the Imp Californian had been left to itself for a couple of years while prepping the racers, so it wasn’t a total surprise when Doc found it needed a tad of work to be able to do a gruelling two-day road rally.

Instead he was offered the wheel of a Volvo 122S – the Amazon, with experienced Steffen Kongstad as his co-pilot. In challenge rallies, most of the art is down to computing target average speeds, mixed with a few driving tests. The spirit of the series is to drive a proper classic, although I could have entered in our 2011 Berlingo. Make no mistake – it’s not the average sunday drive…

Anyway, things went rather well, and Doc had a blast manhandling the lumbering Volvo through the country roads. Or as his text-message read on Saturday evening:

“Done for the day, at the hotel in Ed. Nine hours of gravel roads in the forests non-stop. I believe a cold beer will suit me just fine about now..”

How did it go? Well – he’s making it a habit: 2nd in class!