Everything went more or less to plan until we’d done about 8 laps of free practise – when the brand new engine in the blue car had a sudden very gnarly sound emitting from the valve train at cylinder 4 or 3. I managed to stop the engine before any more damage happened – I hope! This time around we didn’t bring a spare engine since we’re in the process of moving our shop, and things are somewhat of a blur. Also, with two new engines we didn’t expect anything scary to happen just yet…

We did consider the option of road tripping to get the spare engine, but there were also a few other items to look at. It was still way too soft, and did lots of traditional Imp 3-wheeling antics. The gearing was also off: I was surprised to find I ran out of 4th before I reached halfway on the straight! This was the first time we ran “George” in the dry on a proper track, and the issues we’ve looked at are now sorted (brakes, clutch), and it’s proven ultra-quick. Acceleration out of the hairpins was crazy, and it pulls through the gears like a motorbike! I
checked mylaps.com, and even though I just did installation laps to get a feel for the car, as well as coast down the straight, I still did a half-decent time (meaning a good Mini-time!) so the game is still on! Again I was also happy to experience a 1000cc car power sliding modern Yokohamas while in 3rd and 4th gear – next time the Avons will be on from the Go as I could definitely use more grip!

Both cars displayed the same tendency to understeer a bit on entry into hi-speed bends, then into rather brutal power oversteer. We’ll be looking to sort this as well.

The yellow car was still gutless unfortunately – this became very apparent as we did some side by side dragracing, and it was left in the dust even though the cars are identical engine and gear-ratio wise.  A total mystery for now.
It also chewed up a drive shaft coupling, and with just 12 minutes of qual to sort all this on saturday, we decided another panic-weekend was not on the cards.

Instead of champagne, we went for the nearest Fast-food joint, and sighed and cursed a little before a new plan was drawn up over two double cappuccinos.

With marriages etc getting in the way this summer, we won’t be doing all races this year anyway, but we hope to be back in August.
No excuse though, as the marriage is my own :)


The cars looked like a million bucks, and the spectators were incredibly interested and supportive. Hope to pay them back with interest next year! But first SHAG is moving down the street to a Bigger, Better, Faster, More! garage that will hold even Mk2 Jags in style!