Saved by the cut-off switch: a few more seconds and we’d have another lightened Imp block.

The engine in “George” the blue Imp was indeed quick – for 8 installation laps. Then a rather nasty rattle gave a me a fright. Luckily, having seen what happens to Imp engines when they fail, I was rather quick on stomping the clutch to the floor and hitting the kill switch.
At first we thought something was amiss in the valve train, but removing the cyl head showed everything was perfect. Next step was to pull the sump, and it didn’t take long to spot a black #4 rod.

We’re quite perplexed by this, and can only assume there must have been something plugging the oilways to #4 bearing. Oil pressure was good, though it did fall a bit too much on low revs. Temps were excellent.

A new engine is being built in the UK, but we’ll fit George with our spare, slightly milder engine, for the time being. Yesterday DHL brought us a nice, heavy parcel from Malcolm Anderson with new STIFF springs. George will soon be rocking again!