Pumpkin the 2nd and George relaxing on the new workshop floor. We’ve pulled the engines to make sure they don’t make a run for it.

Not many updates lately, which doesn’t mean that nothing has happened. Doc’s still busy getting installed in our new cave, and also getting the Imps ready for 2013. We currently have one rebuilt engine waiting to be picked up in the UK, and the engine that so nearly ended its life at Velodromloppet is being rebuilt locally. The crankshaft is saved, though we did find quite a few issues with it. It wasn’t quite up to spec to say the least, but at least is now…
The conrods all had to be binned, and it’s now fitted with proper Imp rods, given the proper race treatment along with the crank.

As for the lack of grunt in the power plant of the yellow car, we’re confident that’s sorted as well. Over the winter both the primary engines as well as the best backup will be dyno’ed somewhere in the dark forests of Østfold, by a shop we’ve heard great things about. Can’t wait!

The storage area of the new shop – with everything thrown in. Getting things nice and tidy eventually…

The yellow Imp wasn’t as damaged as initially thought, and we’ve sourced the needed parts for the fix, as well as booked a session with a bodywork-guru to get it all straight & proper.

I’ve spent some time adapting to my new daily driver. Rather than get a modern diesel-drone as our #2 car, I opted to pick up a 1978 Mini 1000 in Sweden, which makes it my 13th Mini. After a bit of Vogon-combat to get it licensed, it’s now already done a couple of months of kindergarten/work duty, with honors. We’ve seen everything from storms to nut-cracking -20C, and the Mini has taken it all with no fuss, apart from the odd need of brake-drum adjustments and a splash of petrol.
Naturally a 1300 A-series is on the workshop floor along with a pile of go-faster parts. Like everything else car-related, we’re battened down for the ice-season, waiting for the first ray of summer.

Oh, and BTW – if you’re in need of Reynard 89D F3000 parts including a monocoque, a blueprinted Vectra Cup V6 engine, or the other odd F3000 part, get in touch. Lots of gold discovered that we don’t really need anymore.