Doc changing the Dizzy on Pumkin. Cars with souls need a hug from time to time...

Doc changing the Dizzy on Pumpkin. Cars with souls need a hug from time to time…

Yep, the new season is about to kick off. We’re going to VĂ„lerbanen this weekend for what promises to be a superb turnout with a new record entry comprising 42 cars!

I’ve been doing nil on the Imps since last year – more or less. But Doc has been burning the midnight oil, and my car is now fitted with the locally rebuilt and dyno’ed engine. Doc’s car also has a new engine built in the UK, but unfortunately the dyno session was postphoned, and out of our control. So it will be a shake-down run for both cars initially.

Pumpkin is also back to her former glory, post-smash. All straight and better looking than ever!

On top of Imping, Doc & Mrs Doc have found the time to move the entire cache of bits, cars & junk of the family to a new shop, which is becoming an excellent hideaway for motorheads.

George and Pumpkin ready to stretch their....wheels.

George and Pumpkin ready to stretch their….wheels.

We did have a slight scare today, as I finally found time to join Doc in preparing the cars. The yellow racer just wouldn’t start (it did no problems on Monday…), and while we worked on sourcing the problem we found an issue with the gear selector as well.
However, the starting problem was traced to a faulty distributor, with it swapped it started on the button after we set the timing. The gear selector gremlin was also swiftly chased away.

We’ll pack up tomorrow afternoon, and arrive sometime around midnight, as usual. Work always seems to get in the way…

Wish us luck – as always, we’ll need it. With zero time to prepare or test, we’re heading into the great unknown with two cars. No matter what happens, It will be a hoot to inhale the odors of racing again!