Caffeine addicts!

S.H.A.G (a very amusing abbreviation for Small Historic Automobile Group) is not really much at all. We’re just a few lads into racing small cars, and have been doing so for many years. El Patron – Fredrik ‘Doc’ Knutsen, has raced since the early 70s – from Minis, Via Imps, Special Saloons to home-brewed prototype C2 cars. He has now returned to his roots, building and racing Imps. Your webmaster has recently upgraded from racing a Period F Mini to try his hand at Imps as well.

We’re based in Norway, and the HQ is in Tistedal, a village close to the Swedish border in the south-east.

If you want to visit, let us know or you’ll be left outside in the very tough and scary neighbourhood all by yourself. The address is Flatebyveien 5. I think. It’s a red building, and it’s got a couple of small but very loud and seriously rabid dogs watching it.

Feel free to drop us a line: